Reason Why They're Green

by Shining Lion and Black Feet



George Washington's Awakening. 1st President and Founding Father of America, falls asleep in his hemp field in 1797 and has a Horrifying Dream where he sees mass war, oppression and environmental destruction. He sees his face on the $1 bill, and the way in which our Great Nation has gone off course. He then wakes up in 2018 on the West Coast of California. He is befriended by people who take him on an adventure and teach him about the Green Movement, and how we can use Money to heal the earth. He undergoes a radical transformation, which ultimately leads him back to the Native American way of “Aho Mitakuye Oyasin”, To All of our relations, Caring for All Life. He becomes a leader for healing America and the planet.


There’s a reason why they’re green
Why they green why they’re green
There’s a reason why they green
why they;re
We talkin about these green papers Green Papers
I'm talking about these green papers
Green Papers

There's a reason why they green
We can use em to clean
The Oceans, Lakes, Snowflakes, Rivers and the Streams
There's a reason why they green
we can use em to buy seeds
plant a garden in our yard
growing flowers, fruits and leaves
There's a reason why they green
we can pay a whole team
go all around the world protecting forests, plants and trees
Eco car that’s my ride found a place to park it
all my homies by my side roll up on the farmers market
Sun is hot grab your box start things off with a wheatgrass shot
seasonal fruits and veggies man
every stand is stocked
my people looking healthy
yeah we jammin on this block
Give thanks and praise for the Sun and the Rain and the hands that
grew these crops
thanks and praise for the Sun and the Rain and the hands that grew
these crops

Next we roll to the health food store
so much goodness to explore
Organic, local fair trade
super foods galore.
Even got some eco suds
help us scrub the floor
even got some hemp clothes girl help to keep us warm
they got Maca, Reishi, Cacao, Goji hundred percent pure
Now it all makes sense what these green papers are for.

There’s my brothers mulching practicing permaculture
creating natural habitats for the rabbits bats and vultures
just like they supposed to hoes to the ground making rows what you
an earth worm? EWW germs. don't worry girl ain’t gonnna hurt your
Get your hands down in the dirt
It’s planet Earth its time to work
planet Earth its time to work
we’re buying solar panels kids
your brilliant minds are planning this
help animals the plants the fish
for medicine plant cannabis
whole worlds got their hands in this
time is now can't be missed

so I drop into meditation support nonprofit organizations
polyculture crop rotation, crop circle education
animal liberation, and cannabis cultivation
green legislation, eco creations, reforestation peace to all nations
bless the sacred web of life and all our relations
aho mitakuye oyasin
20, 40, 60, 80 hundred dollar bills yall
20, 40, 60, 80 hundred dollar bills yall
talkin millions and billions just dream what we could do
just imagine what we can do


released March 21, 2018
Music and Concept by Shining Lion and Black Feet.
Video by
Picaflor films, Z Aaron Media, Juno Brown Music,
Film credits: Director: Jerad Hobaugh, Producer: Shane Rilling, Camera operators: Aaron Singer, Sophia Billikopf
Editors: Aaron Singer Jerad Hobaugh ,
@Special Thanks Elevate Films for equipment.

Song Credits. Shining Lion, song, vocals .Oliwa: Production, drums, bass, guitar, keys.
Shylah Ray: Vocals
Casting & Costume: Juno Brown
Holy Spirit Bus: Matthew Jesse
Food and Tribe Support: Barbarella Chappel and Family


all rights reserved



Shining Lion and Black Feet Ojai, California

A Music tribe filling up the skies with vibrations of peace, unity revolution and love.
Influences from freestyle, reggae, downtempo, hip hop, indigenous tribal, and many others.

We stand for:

~Roots, Truth Freedom Revolution~
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